About Us

Telangana command is a brainchild of Shaik Zakeer to bring the true and independent form journalism. Away from any lineage to party or ideology. Telangana command stands for development and right questions for the betterment of Telangana.

Shaik Zakeer is a senior journalist who has received several accolades during his 30 years of journalist experience. As a journalist he has made his beginnings as a staff reporter in 1989 Andhra Jyoti, Khammam then soon rising to be the Bureau chief of Vaartha Warangal. Being the Youngest ever to become Bureau chief in 1995. He continued as a journalist in Print media for over 15 years compassing newspapers such Andhra Prabha, Vijetha, Prajatanthra, the re-establishedAndhra Jyoti under Vemuri Radhakrishna .

With the foray of media and TV news channels in Telugu, he soon joined TV9 founded by Ravi Prakash and remained in core team, for over 9 years while working as input editor. He continued his input editor experience in ABN Andhra Jyoti and Zee 24 Ghantalu during which his expertise has journalistic findings in several important events such as

    • Extensive and most authentic election coverage
      • West Bengal elections 2007
      • Gujarat elections 2007
      • Madhya Pradesh elections 2008
      • Chhattisgarh elections 2008
      • Karnataka elections 2008
    • Left wing extremism
      • Lal Ghad, Bastar(Chhattisgarh) insurgency regions, Nallamala(Telangana) and Chandrapur regions(Maharashtra)
      • Interaction with several Maoist central committee leaders including Kishanji
      • Madhav encounter
      • Azad’s(CherukuriRajkumar) [Central Committee Maoist party member]encounter in Adilabad region
      • Covered the most exclusive story of squad member Siraj
    • Covered extensively the Obulapuram mining and Gali Janardhan reddy issue
    • Brought to light the starvation deaths in Mahbubnagar and special stories beneath them
    • He has compiled most of journalist experiences and events as book “MarlabaddaMogalicharla”. To purchase please contact Devulapalli publications at 9885557406

After serving as a Media Consultant of Irrigation Department Govt of Telangana, Shaik Zakeer has founded the Telangana Command in June 2018 to bring back the true form of journalism.